Our Vision


The vision of the US Council of Muslim Organizations is that America’s Muslims will be socially successful in direct proportion to how well we do three things:

  • Streamline “all-way” communication between and among our local and national organizations
  • Build a laser-focused, consensus-based national vision
  • Cooperate in mobilizing the Muslim populations of our local communities and that of our fellow Americans for the good of all

Our Mission

The mission of the US Council of Muslim Organizations:

  • To open effective communication and coordination spectrums between all American Muslim organizations
  • To help solidify these mutually crucial relationships
  • To create and sustain an urgent, collective sense of direction that well-serves the American Muslim community toward the betterment and guidance of our nation.

No striving ranks higher in priority for American Muslim organizations and their community today than the hard work of unity.

…Let There Be of You One Community

COMMUNITY BUILDING IS a core commandment for all Muslims, everywhere. Love of God forms its foundation. Its framework is broad inclusion. Its design is unity of purpose not opinion. Its motif is a disposition to act together on knowledge for the good of all people, not in the interest of a party or group.

This is the value structure of the US council of Muslim Organizations, making it an instrument through which our whole community can call to all that is good, champion what is right and stand against what is wrong— even when it means calling our own to account, regardless of wealth or social status.

This is not just talk. Council founders have already itemized more than 30 internal challenges to our community and begun enumerating their solutions.

These include:

  • Ethnic and urban-suburban local divisions
  • Youth voices absent from decision-making
  • Scant national presence of Muslim women

This causes other problems:

  • Many mosques, but little local and neighborhood impact
  • Inability to articulate Islam on a human level
  • Muslim complacency in the face of mounting social problems.

Externally, a vociferous cabal of extremists increasingly maligns Islam to turn America dangerously against itself. Countering the falsifiers seeking to mislead and betray American society is a communal imperative.

The Council has the architecture to build an active, integrated American Muslim community.

Grow strong together

...And Take Counsel

THE HEART OF every successful community beats with mutual consultation. That is why the Quran instructs the Prophet œ and us after him to “take counsel with community members about the community’s affairs.”

Good mechanisms of counsel enable a community to understand and prioritize its challenges and to break down the complex contexts that engender them.
Choices become clear. Leaders can evaluate outcomes. They can come to good decisions, then build community resolve to act on them in unison.

This kind of community—one that resolves itself to 
concerted moral action based on cooperative consultation—can become a game-changing social force for good.

The US Council of Muslim Organizations gives us a platform to become givers of good counsel to our neighbors and fellows, a religious obligation.

When we speak with one clear, communal voice, our 
advice can help true the direction of American society toward justice. Our well-deliberated and sincerely expressed words for the benefit of the nation can fortify attitudes that propagate harmony between people and institutionalize policies that spread prosperity to all.

Amplify your voice!

…And Make of Our Children a Muslim Community

OUR CHILDREN AND young Muslims make up the future and promise of our community and country. The US Council of Muslim Organizations seeks to cultivate  and enfranchise our community’s future through multiple initiatives:

  • Analyzing struggles of other American communities
  • Awakening youth to the leadership power of revealed morality
  • Creating community-wide dialogue on key social issues
  • Propagating Muslim standards of leadership 
  • Debunking ethnic stereotypes among Muslims 
  • Promoting organizational diversity and inclusiveness
  • Duplicating successful local youth work 
  • Making pathways to neighborhood leadership 
  • Campaigning for community service
  • Sponsoring inter-community forums to break down divisions
  • Educating for involvement in domestic issues 
  • Highlighting the universal values that underlie global problems
  • Developing a community-wide agenda relevant to our whole society
  • Incorporating the indigenous American Muslim experience
  • Capitalizing on new value alignments in the Muslim world
  • Reforming leadership structures of Muslim organizations
  • Utilizing valid research in addressing community affairs.
  • With creativity and strategic planning, we can change tomorrow.

Together, we are the difference! 

…Those well grounded in knowledge

LEARNING IS THE hallmark of the Muslim. The US Council of Muslim Organizations seeks to enunciate and act on sure knowledge that benefits the individual, the community, and society.

The Council places premium importance on defining the common good based on the Quran and the model of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.), and coordinating a cooperative striving among all Muslims and their institutions to implement that common good in American society.

Here are some ways the Council plans to further the common cause of beneficial knowledge:

  • Establishing a body that identifies challenges and gives expert advice and ideas to meet them
  • Reviving Islamic scholarship that helps guide the American Muslim community through its tests and striving
  • Promoting Islam’s core universal principles to benefit American society
  • Clarifying the commonality of concerns shared by Muslims and other Americans
  • The US Council of Muslim Organizations is about harnessing the imaginative energy of Muslims and their organizations, reconnecting it with our heritage of inspired knowledge, and putting this to work with the good will of the Muslim community for the betterment of both our community and American society.

Affirm your knowledge with action!

...Help One Another to Virtue

MUSLIMS ARE DIVINELY directed to help one another to 
all that is righteous, in love of God. This captures the purpose of the US Council of Muslim Organizations: To unite Muslims, their leaderships, and their organizations on a mutual platform of equals dedicated to the common cause of pleasing God by serving His creation. How?

  • By coordinating the efforts of Muslim organizations to make our striving coherent and work effective
  • By inspiriting Muslims to give priority to the collective American Muslim community over single institutions, groups, or personalities
  • By bridging the gap between national and local leaderships
  • By educating local mosque leaders in the efficacy of a national Muslim platform and motivating imams and board presidents to support a national agenda for the entire Muslim community
  • By minimizing redundancy among Muslim organizations in favor of mutual participation for community-wide efforts and signature support of common issues
  • By facilitating grassroots issue-by-issue construction of a policy platform that culminates in a national agenda for the American Muslim community
  • By identifying cooperative projects across the community of American Muslim organizations based on issues of consensus

Unite and bring your intentions to life!