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USCMO vehemently condemns the growing wave in anti-Semitism in the US and the desecration of a Jewish cemetery

(WASHINGTON DC 2/23/2017) - The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a coalition of several leading national and local Muslim organizations and institutions, strongly condemns the growing wave in anti-Semitism in the US, and the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, MO.

In recent weeks, anti-Semitic activity has increased across the country, with swastikas and other hate speech graffitied on both Jewish buildings and public spaces such as subways, bomb threats being called into Jewish daycare's and community centers, and desecration of Jewish sacred spaces. "It is unconscionable that anyone would slip into a cemetery and vandalize it, destroying headstones and graves and disrespecting those who rest beneath them as well as their loved ones.", USCMO General Secretary Oussama Jammal said in a statement.

USCMO stands firm against racism and hate crimes, and calls on the Trump administration to cease its discriminatory rhetoric and anti-immigration/anti-Muslim tone which have led to attacks not only on the Jewish community, but other minorities as well. 


USCMO's Response to Muslim Ban by President Trump

(Washington, D.C., 1/27/2017): The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a coalition of several leading national and local Muslim organizations and institutions, expressed concern over President Trump's executive order to ban Muslim visitors, immigrants, and refugees from entering the United States. 

The draft order calls for an immediate halt to resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States until further notice, and a 30 day halt on all issued immigrant and visitor visas from Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Libya and Sudan. It does not take into consideration the status of the individual or whether or not they have US relatives, effectively dividing families, especially those who are seeking entry under refugee status.

In a statement earlier today, USCMO Secretary General Oussama Jammal said: "What this executive order amounts to is a "Muslim ban" on nationals who are trying to escape the same extremism and violence that Mr. Trump is claiming to protect the country from, particularly Syrian refugees who view their visas as a ticket to safety. These refugees in particular have gone through a very rigorous vetting process that can range from months to years- taking away their light at the end of the tunnel is not only inhumane, it's unAmerican." 

USCMO calls on elected officials to reject the anti-Muslim rhetoric touted by the Trump administration in the name of national security. USCMO also calls on all Americans to reject efforts to divide our great nation through labels and fear mongering. 


Standing in Solidarity with Women's Rights and their March on Washington, D.C. January 21, 2017

 (Washington DC 01/20/2017) The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a coalition of several leading national and local Muslim organizations and institutions, stands in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington and women's rights as universal human rights.

 USCMO firmly believes in a woman's right to live without fear of discrimination, harassment and assault of any kind. Additionally, We stand for the rights of women, minorities, immigrants and refugees' to equality in society and equitability in the workplace, to due process and to fair treatment by law enforcement and the judicial system. We abide by the Constitution and the rights included therein, and pledge to work to uphold the freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights, and in particular freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and right to personal security. 

 As such, USCMO encourages the attendance of the Women's March on Washington or any of its Sister Marches*, in support of women's rights, the rights of minorities and in particular Muslims and people of color, the rights of immigrants, refugees and those with disabilities. 

 * Sister Marches taking place in various cities are neither officially nor legally affiliated with the Women's March on Washington; therefore attendees are encouraged to find out the overarching messaging of their local march before attendance.


USCMO Calls to Stop Genocide in Aleppo and to Immediately Protect Civilians

(WASHINGTON DC 12/14/2016) - The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a coalition of several leading national and local Muslim organizations and institutions, denounces the joint Syrian, Russian and Iranian attack on the city of Aleppo and the imminent danger to the lives of the 150,000 civilians that are confined to two districts.

Reports of mass detentions, mass executions, and forced conscription's have been coming out of Aleppo, along with scores of "farewell messages" from residents and aid workers. In a statement, USCMO Secretary General Oussama Jammal said: "The situation in Aleppo is perhaps one of the worst human crises the world has ever seen. We cannot sit idly by and watch the people of Aleppo wiped out by forces targeting doctors and other aid workers, mothers, the elderly, children and ordinary civilians."

USCMO calls for immediate actions to include:

·         President Obama to mobilize concerted diplomatic pressure that will prevent large-scale slaughter and allow for all Aleppo residents to be protected and allowed safe evacuation if desired.

·         Congress to urgently issue statements demanding the safety of Aleppo residents and promise new sanctions if the 150,000 remaining residents are not protected.

·         The American people to contact their elected officials and the White House to demand safe passage for the people of Aleppo, and to dedicate vigils and prayers in their houses of worship.

USCMO believes that no people should suffer or be denied the basic right to freedom and democracy.


USCMO Reacts to Election Results

(Washington, D.C., 11/9/2016)- The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), the largest coalition of national, regional, and local Muslim organizations, called on President-Elect Trump today to uphold the foundational values of the Constitution by protecting civil and religious freedoms of all Americans. 

In a statement today, USCMO Secretary General Oussama Jammal said, "Though the outcome of the elections was not what most expected, it is still the choice of the American people and the result of the democratic process. It is our sincere hope that negative campaign rhetoric is left behind in the upcoming phase, and that President-Elect Trump advocates for the rights of the American people regardless of gender, race or religious affiliation. We look forward to working with the new administration in order to help our great nation to come together and heal, and to move past the divisive sentiment that defined the electoral campaigns."  

USCMO encourages Americans across the nation to come together at this time to work towards closing the divide and building a better, stronger, more productive country.  


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Click Here to Register for the 2017 ICNA-MAS Convention

USCMO soon to launch the Muslim Census Project

On the first day of USCMO's formation, the Census Project of Muslim Americans was announced as its major and signature project. With so much variation in the number of Muslims in America, this project will help identify how many Muslim Americans do actually count. Details will soon be announced. Click here if you are interested to volunteer. 

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