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Overwhelming Response of Activism to USCMO's One Million Voter Registration Drive

On December 21st 2015 the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) announced several major initiatives following their leadership summit. Included in these initiatives was the One Million Voter Registration Campaign, designed to register as many voters as possible ahead of this years' election. Since then, voter registration campaigns have been soaring around the country with booths set up at various community events, mosques, schools and at the National Voter Registration Day on Eid Ul-Adha with thousands of people coming out for Eid prayers. 

Since the campaign began, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has estimated that the number of American Muslims registered to vote has jumped from approximately 500,000 in 2012 to at least 824,000 ahead of November's election, an increase of 64 percent. They also estimate that more than 300,000 American Muslims have registered to vote since the last elections. These figures reflect the tireless efforts of national and local Muslim communities' combined efforts to get out the vote, which is especially important in light of the Islamophobic and hateful rhetoric being spewed this election season. 

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USCMO Board Members Meet with Ambassadors from France and Spain

US Council of Muslim Organizations' (USCMO) Secretary General, Oussama Jammal and members of the board Roula Allouch (CAIR), Osama Abu Irshaid (AMP), Imam Talib Shareef (Ministry of Imam W.D. Mohammad) and Mazen Mokhtar (MAS) met with the Ambassador of France H.E. Gerard Araud on Monday, October 3rd. They discussed the situation of French Muslims and their integration into society as well as civil rights issues. They also discussed the situations in Syria and Iraq with emphasis on the refugee crisis. The meeting was very candid and informative with all parties exchanging different points of view and ideas in light of increased open dialogue with France. 

 Secretary General Oussama Jammal also met with the Spanish Ambassador H.E. Ramon Gil-Casares and Ambassador Belan Alfaro, the ambassador at large for the Alliance of Civilizations and Inter-religious Dialogue in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the UN General Assembly. They discussed the Muslim communities in both Spain and the United States and their shared views of enhancing interfaith dialogue and collaboration. USCMO commended Spain for hosting inter-faith conferences aimed at bringing Muslims, Christians and Jews closer together. Later, a delegation from USCMO met with officials at the Embassy of Spain to continue discussions on Muslim affairs in both countries. 


 The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), the largest coalition of leading national and local Muslim organizations, is outraged over the police shootings and subsequent deaths of two African Americans as well as the slaying of five Police Officers in the line of duty this past week.

 On Tuesday night, police shot and killed 37-year-old Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The incidents leading up to and the aftermath of the shooting were videotaped by a deli clerk and a community activist. On Wednesday, an officer shot and killed 32-year-old Philando Castile during a routine traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Castile was in the car with his girlfriend and her child at the time of the shooting, the aftermath of which was live-streamed on Facebook. Both incidents and the circumstances surrounding them stirred immediate public outcry. Following a peaceful protest on Thursday evening in Dallas, Tx, five Police Officers were killed and a number more injured by snipers, prompting further public outrage and concern over the developing situation. 

 In a statement, USCMO Secretary General Oussama Jammal said: "There is so much wrong with this picture. No man, woman or child of color should have to worry that their next outing might be their last. We ask for justice for Alton Sterling, for Philandro Castile, and the African American men and women who have fallen victim to police brutality in the very recent past. Furthermore we are equally troubled at the violence perpetrated against law enforcement officers who dedicated their lives to protecting the public. Violence is never the answer to social injustice."

 The USCMO urges the interfaith community to join hands, amplify voices of reason and wisdom, stand in solidarity, and promote peace and harmony in our society. USCMO sends its heartfelt condolences to the families of all victims, and calls on local and federal government agencies to investigate these incidents, and to work diligently on preventing further deadly incidents in the future. 

Exciting Events

USCMO soon to launch the Muslim Census Project

On the first day of USCMO's formation, the Census Project of Muslim Americans was announced as its major and signature project. With so much variation in the number of Muslims in America, this project will help identify how many Muslim Americans do actually count. Details will soon be announced. Click here if you are interested to volunteer. 

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